.NET Core 2.1

Supported ASP.NET MVC5 version

RFETech MVC5 is supported ASP.NET MVC5 version of RFETech theme.
This version contains a ASP.NET MVC5 project written in Visual Studio 2017 for .net developers.
Project has implemented all the plug-ins and it is created in accordance with the convention MVC5. In addition, This version also has SeedProject - a skeleton application that halp you easy start a new project.


Static HTML/JS

Static HTML/JS version

RFETech HTML/JS is static version of RFETech theme.
This version contains all components and plugin created with strict HTML and jQuery.
This version is great if you are a PHP or JAVA programmer. As each page is created separately it allows you to quickly implement it for your project by including needed resources. The code is clean and clear so you should not have any problems with its implementation. Like in all is has also implemented more than 30 plugins which allow you to give your application a great new functionality.

Live HTML/JS version

Starter Projects

Special starter projects

To help you start any project with RFETech we provided three starter projects for Static, ASP.NET MVC5, ASP.NET Core 2.1 now all these frameworks have there own full version of RFETech. you can jump in to the code and start developing your app with these three starter projects.
They should save you a lot of work on initial integration RFETech theme to those new frameworks.

If you need any help feel free to Send us an email